Hello! How are you? Finally, thanks to god, I got enough Links to do this section. Well, just take a look, and if in my page, you find something yours, just tell me, right? Because here also Iīm going to put links to the pages that I taked something... Thanks, Enjoy! ^_^!


This page have GREAT hard-to-find images about Evangelion, itīs REALLY good.

EVANGELION CHILE A pretty good page about Evangelion, I has a lot of pics, and good design, is great!

EVANGELIONīS WORLD A pretty good page about Evangelion, so complete, with chat, links, images, info... In spanish.

BUSCANIME A list of pages about Anime in spanish.

A good and complete page about Evangelion, in spanish ^_^.

SEELE: EL TRONO DE LAS ALMAS A good page about Evangelion, well designed, and updated every week.

CONEXCOL.COM A good Colombian search page.

P-CHANīS WEB PAGE This page have info about the main characters, and little cute P.C. stuff.



This page is really good, with SO MUCH links, and a great Eva CDīs description, cool images, and if youīre a web T.V or P.C

user, this page can fit on you!

This page is excellent, a lot of cool links, and also a contest!

A pretty cool Eva site, with almost EVERYTHING (Were do you think I took the RCB in english ^_^? By the way, thank you, regurgitator ^_~)

This page is great, It has a lot of great info, cool design, so much good things!

One of the GREATEST anime pages I have ever seen!!! It has THE BEST mp3 file about EVA(among with Anime Generation X ^_~)... Check it out!


A cool Page of Eva, it has some cool pics, links, and stuff.

SSJGOKU'S FUTURE 100G ROOM This page is good, it has some good stuff and pics, and great links! (May sound like a Dragon Ball Page, but belive me, Itīs 99% about Eva ^_^)

ANIMELINKS.COM A BIG GREAT links file. It has a lot of links that the anipike donīt has.

NEON GENESIS EVANGELION A nice page, it has some good things there.

CHUANīS NEON GENESIS EVANGELION PAGE From this page I took out the EVA RealAudio files you can see on the multimedia page (and this page is just great).

THE RED SEASHORE A GREAT page about evangelion.

ANIME WEB TURNPIKE A BIG list of pages about every kind of Anime

THE SOURYU ASUKA LANGLEY TEMPLE A page devoted to Asuka, and the webmaster REALLY know Asuka.

THE ASUKA ARCHIVE A great page with a BIG collection of Asuka images, animated gifs, and stuff to your computer about Asuka


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