Anime is Japanese animation (Donīt start thinking that Anime is some American Cartoon. Anime is Japanese, and Cartoons are Americans). The word "ANIME" is pronounced "AAA-NEE-MAY". There are various kinds of Anime, and Iīm going to put the 3 kinds I know ^_^:

The Shoujo, that itīs created for Girls from 5 or 6 years old to 12 or 13 years old. Usually, their main characters are girls, and sometimes their topic is a bit romantic.This Anime not only works for girls, also boys and older people like this kind of Anime.

The Shouden, that is for boys with ages from 5 or 6 to 12 or 13, is about fights, and also works from other type of public.

The other one, Itīs the Hentai or Ecchi (itīs pronounced Etchi), Itīs Anime for adults, because it has VERY EXPLICIT scenes, and with reserved contents. (Hentai means pervert, the name explains everything...)

What people likes in Anime, is that it has some things that make it special: The Anime has usually an order, that is why the chapters canīt be jumped, because if you jump them, the ones who look at them will be "In the air" because "Hey! Who is this guy! I have never see him before!". Some of the Cartoons can be jumped, because they usually are little things that only use one chapter. I like Cartoons, too, like "Dexters Lab", but even they donīt have the same structure, they can put the episodes in other order, and Itīs the same thing to everyone.

The good thing about the Anime, is the art and drawings: In Anime, the body of the characters is usually more realistic (Unless the hair ^_^), and in the some American Cartoons, the characters are too tall or too small, and the light in the Anime is better, you can see shadows in the face of the characters, better face expresion, and in the Cartoons, this is hard to see. Some other thing, is that the Anime usually deal with more deep topics, but usually they have the same end: Save the world, or the Universe, or do something hard. The diference, is that is more exciting, and the main character have something special, could be Special Power, an Incredible Strength, or an Incredible Ability to use a Giant Robot, or a Ship, or a Great Will, or an Iresistible Beauty, or something like that. The last thing is that the Anime has very funny "Clichés", not just Jokes, for example, a classic Anime "cliché": The Shy guy, and the Pretty girl, have to do something in the dark, to help in a plan, and, without any bad intencion, the guy takes something he donīt have to take... and Itīs DEFINETLY something from the Girl... The Girl gets mad, and from nowere, she takes a sword, or a giant rock, or something heavy, and slam the Guy with it, and the Guy donīt know how to apologise... In the Cartoons, there is a character that is always making jokes, even in the worst moment, and the jokes make things get EVEN worse, and with a plan make by the main character, or by other character, they save the day. Or the plan is inspired on the joke... There are too much things in the Anime, that make it UNIQUE and intersting.


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