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Name: Akagi Ritsuko

Birthday Date: November 21 of 1985 A.D.

Age at the start of the series: 30 years old

Blood Type: B

Gender: Female

Ocupation: Top Scientist of the Project Eva

First Appears: Shinseiki Evangelion Episode 1

Likes: Tobacco and Coffe while she´s doing something in her lab ^_^

Dislikes/Hates: Irresponsible people

Highest Education Level Completed: For God´s sake, she´s a scientist!


Dr. Akagi Ritsuko is the top scientist of the project Eva. She knows EVERYTHING about Eva´s (well, almost everything), is a GENIOUS, and also the daughter of the scientist who builted the MAGI supercomputer, Akagi Naoko. She is a good old friend of Misato and Kaji because she went to college with them... Sometimes looks like she has a crush about Kaji, but she doesn´t want to rip him of Misato´s hands ^_~. And talking about crush and the whole romance thing, she had some REALLY close relationships with Gendou... Like her mother. I think that, in some way, she´s trying to BE her mother, because look at the facts: Her mother was a GENIOUS scientist (so she was), her mother had an affair with Gendou (so she had). Her mother worked A LOT at the Eva project (so she worked). And, at the end, she died in a very sad way (her mother commited suicide jumping on the MAGI computer, and Ritsuko was killed by Gendou... I don´t wanna look like the "Anti-Gendou" girl, but hey, this guy Gendou is a sly little son of a *!%#ˇ... He was married with Yui, had Shinji, also had an affair with Dr. Naoko, and with her daughter too? That´s too much, don´t you think? O.k, O.k, this is Ritsuko´s Bios, not Gendou´s, so, Ritsuko is not a real blond, she dyed her hair. She is also a hardworker in everything she gets herself into (Ibuki Maya respects her a lot because of that, and because of her intelligence, of course...)

Ritsuko also programed a security program to the MAGI (a very good one), and she was the one who brought back Shinji when he reached the 400% synch rate using his plug suit as some sort of magnet ^_^... Well, that´s all I can honestly say about Ritsuko, but if you know something else I forgot, feel free to sign my guestbook, and tell me everything you want... Thank you, bye!

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