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NAME: Ayanami Rei

Birthday Date: Unknown

Age at the series:14

Blood Type:

Gender: Female

Occupation: Exclusive Pilot of Eva00

Likes: The second Rei treasures Gendouīs glasses... And Shinji, too ^_^!

Dislikes\Hates: Unknown

Highest Level of Education: Still in High School.


Rei is a girl of mystery. She had no parents, and infertile (no mestruation). She isnīt totally human. Is part angel, and part human. Her human part is from Ikari Yui, Ikari Shinji's mother and Ikari Gendouīs wife, and her Angel part, apparently comes from Lilith. In "The end of Evangelion", Rei becomes one with Lilith, and Lilith tells her "Welcome back, Rei". How do I know that Rei is part Angel? Just look at her eyes: They are red. Also, she can have an AT field, in the episode when Shinji kills Kaworu Nagisa, Rei makes an AT field around her. Actually, Rei isnīt ONE. In the series, there are three Reiīs. And, in the lowest part of the central dogma, are hundreds of Reis, flooding in L.C.L.

Every Rei, has a different character. The second Rei, for example, could DIE if Gendou tells her to die, and she treasures too much Gendouīs glasses. And, the third Rei tells Gendou when he asked her to take him to Lilith: "Iīm not your doll". She is a very enigmated character, with a very quiet personality, and apparently, without emotions. The first time she cryed, she say: "Are these tears? Am I crying?". And, she hardly smiles, you donīt know what is she thinking, because she usually has the same expression in her face! An expression that you donīt know, if is a sad expression, or a serious expression.




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